Event Update: Dior Resort 2017

Set against the magnificent backdrop of Blenheim Palace Dior presented there latest collection Dior Resort 2017 to the fashion glitterati that made there way to the beautiful estate situated in the Oxfordshire countryside. Not a first for Blenheim, the fashion house have featured two haute couture fashion shows there in the past, one in 1954 an the other 1958.

The collection? a quirky youthful sense of style brought to life by the use of puffed sleeves, long flowing scarf accessories,  cropped trousers, printed jumpsuits, striking chunky jewelry, short hemlines, eye-catching skirts, clunky biker boots and of course a few variations of the staple Dior dress coat also made an appearance.

Guests at the event included Alexa Chung, Emma Roberts, Chiara Ferrangi, Kate Beckinsale and The Weekend. Pre show, guests were invited to a night of entertainment at the one night only pop up Lady Dior Pub in London. Following this guest boarded The Dior Express train to Blenheim Palace where they were provided breakfast on board in Orient Express style dinning cars. Setting the seen of a fairy tale escape to the country. Reaching there destination the fashion lovers where met by Dior clad bell boys serving champagne while they meandered through an exhibit of past Dior creations from previous shows at the palace.

Truly a magical setting for a magical show.