Trend Alert: New Age Gingham

A rapidly emerging trend, Gingham is set to make its mark of Summer 2016. A difficult look to get right we show you how our favorite celebrities have rocked it and our tips of styling that standout gingham piece.

A grid-like striped pattern, gingham dates back to the 17th century and has be a fashion favorite for decades. When Bridget Bardot famously wore a pink gingham wedding dress to get married the fabric seen a sudden boost in popularity eventually leading to a shortage of gingham in France. Often associated with Dorothy gale in the Wizard of Oz, gingham has undergone a transformation recently with many designers creating more glamours and sophisticated looks with the simple fabric.

Diane Von Furstenburg


Victoria Beckham

Our tips for wearing gingham....

  1. Choose one piece of gingham and pair with a sold colour.
  2. If going head to toe, copy Rihanna in Altuzarra and keep the pattern understated &simple
  3. Feeling brave? Mix gingham and strip patterns for a statement.
  4. Floral patterns compliment gingham, opt for floral accessories
  5. Colour can make or break a gingham out fit so choose wisely ( we recommend going bold)
  6. Try gingham accessories as a easy way of wearing the trend.

check out how we style our gingham pieces below or go to for full details on pieces featured below and how to buy.